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Schedule of Opening Dates

Find below the Schedule of opening dates of motorway projects in Romania. The list is updated constantly with new information, as it is made available. Click on a section name for detailed infomration (pages open in new windows):

Opening dateSectionStatusLength (km)
Jun 2017A3: Gilau - NadaseluUnder construction8.7
Aug 2017A1: Deva - Lugoj Section 3 (Ilia - Cosevita)Under construction21.1
Sep 2017A10: Sebes - Turda, Section 3 (Aiud - Decea)Under construction17.0
Sep 2017A10: Sebes - Turda, Section 4 (Decea - Turda)Under construction24.3
Nov 2017A3: Bucharest - Bucharest RingroadUnder construction6.5
Dec 2017A1: Deva - Lugoj Section 4 (Soimus - Ilia)Under construction22.1
Dec 2017A3: Tg. Mures - Ogra, Section 2 (Ungheni - Ogra)Under construction10.1
Dec 2017A3: Ogra - Campia Turzii Section 1 (Ogra - Iernut)Under construction3.6
Apr 2018A10: Sebes - Turda, Section 2 (Paraul Iovului - Aiud)Under construction16.3
Apr 2018Gilau - Nadaselu access bridgeTender in progress0.3
Apr 2018A3: Nadaselu - MihaiestiUnder construction16.9
Jun 2018A10: Sebes - Turda, Section 1 (Sebes - Parul Iovului)Under construction12.5
Jul 2018A3: Ogra - Campia Turzii, Section 2 (Iernut - Chetani)Under construction17.9
Jul 2018A3: Ogra - Campia Turzii, Section 3 (Chetani - Campia Turzii)Under construction15.7
Dec 2018A3: Tg. Mures - Ogra, Section 1 (Targu Mures - Ungheni)Tender in progress9.8
2020A1: Deva - Lugoj Section 2 (Cosevita - Margina)Partially under construction14.1

*excluding planned projects and sections with canceled contracts

List of open motorways in Romania

Opening dateSectionStatusLength (km)
Mar 2017A1: Deva - Lugoj Section 2 (Margina - Traian Vuia, 15km)Open15.0
Oct 2016A1: Sibiu - Orastie Section 3 (Saliste - Cunta)Open22.1
Dec 2015A1: Lugoj - Timisoara Section 2 (Sanovita - Izvin)Open25.6
Dec 2015A1: Deva - Lugoj Section 1 (Balint - Sanovita)Open10.0
Jul 2015A1: Arad - Nadlac Section 2 (Arad - Pecica, remainder)Open10.7
Dec 2014A1: Arad - Nadlac Section 1 (Pecica - Nadlac)Open22.2
Dec 2014A1: Arad - Nadlac Section 2 (Arad - Pecica, partial)Open6.0
Dec 2013A6: Balint - LugojOpen11.0
Dec 2013A1: Deva - Lugoj Section 1 (Traian Vuia - Balint)Open17.4
Dec 2013A1: Sibiu - Orastie Section 1 (Vintisoara - Orastie)Open24.1
Dec 2013A1: Sibiu - Orastie Section 2 (Cunta - Vintisoara)Open19.8
Dec 2013A1: Sibiu - Orastie Section 4 (Sibiu - Saliste)Open16.1
Jul 2013A4: Lazu - Port of ConstantaOpen2.0
May 2013A1: Orastie - SimeriaOpen17.7
Dec 2012A1: Simeria - DevaOpen14.8
Nov 2012A2: Cernavoda - Medgidia (four lanes)Open20.5
Oct 2012A1: Lugoj - Timisoara Section 1 (Izvin - Giarmata)Open9.5
Jul 2012A2: Cernavoda - Medgidia (two lanes)Open20.5
Jul 2012A2: Medgidia - MurfatlarOpen16.3
Jul 2012A4: Constanta BypassOpen10.4
Jul 2012A3: Moara Vlasiei - PloiestiOpen42.5
Jul 2012A3: Bucharest Ringroad - Moara VlasieiOpen13.0
Jun 2012A1: Arad Bypass (full)Open12.3
Dec 2011A1: Arad Bypass (partially open: 11.3 km with two lanes, 1.0 km with one lane)Open12.3
Dec 2011A1: Timisoara - AradOpen32.3
Sep 2011A4: Constanta Bypass (partially open)Open4.0
Sep 2011A2: Medgidia - Constanta (partially open, four lanes)Open14.5
Jul 2011A4: Constanta Bypass (partially open)Open5.4
Jul 2011A2: Medgidia - Constanta (partially open, two lanes)Open14.5
Dec 2010A1: Sibiu BypassOpen17.2
Nov 2010A3: Campia Turzii - TurdaOpen10.0
Dec 2009A3: Turda - GilauOpen42.0
1987, 2004, 2007A2: Bucharest - CernavodaOpen152.0
1972, 2007A1: Bucharest - PitestiOpen109.6

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