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A1 Motorway Bucharest - Nadlac

Length: 576 km. Status:

Color map: Open (66%); under construction (11%); planned (23%).

The A1 Motorway A1 starts in Bucharest and ends at Nadlac (located on Romania's border with Hungary). It goes throgh the following cities: Pitesti, Sibiu, Deva, Timisoara and Arad.

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I.Bucharest - PitestiOpen1973
II.Pitesti - SibiuPlanned, Sibiu bypass OpenDec 2010, 2021
III.Sibiu - OrastieOpenDec 2013, Nov 2014, Oct 2016
IV.Orastie - DevaOpenDec 2012, May 2013
V.Deva - LugojPartially open, remainder under constructionDec 2013, Dec 2015, Mar 2017, 2018, 2020
VI.Lugoj - TimisoaraOpenOct 2012, Dec 2015
VII.Timisoara - AradOpenDec 2011, Jun 2012
VIII.Arad - NadlacOpenDec 2014, Jul 2015

I.Section Bucharest - Pitesti

Status: Open

Length: 109.6 km

Opening date: 1973. Pitesti bypass and underground tunnel for connection with DN7 in Bascov added in 2007.

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II.Section Pitesti - Sibiu

Status: Planned, Sibiu bypass Open

Length: 116.6 km + 17.5 km (Sibiu Bypass)

Opening deadline: 2021

The Pitesti - Sibiu section is planned and should pass through Curtea de Arges.

The Sibiu bypass motorway (Selimbar - Sura Mica), with a total length of 17.5 km was opened in December 2010.

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III.Section Sibiu - Orastie

Status: Open

Length: 82.1 km

Opening date: December 2013 for segments 1, 2 and 4, November 2014 and October 2016 (following repairs) for segment 3

The section is split into four segments. Contractors for all four segments were selected in April 2011. Sections 1, 2 and 4 were opened in December 2013, while section 3 was opened in November 2014:

  • Segment 1 Vintisoara - Orastie, 24.1 km: Contractor: Strabag, Cost: 551.04 Million RON
  • Segment 2 Cunta - Vintisoara, 19.8 km: Contractors: Straco Grup and Studio Corona, Cost: 377.78 Million RON
  • Segment 3 Saliste - Cunta, 22.1 km: Contractor: Impregilo, Cost: 604.79 Million RON
  • Segment 4 Sibiu - Saliste, 16.1 km: Contractors: Astaldi, Euroconstruct Trading '98 and Astalrom, Cost: 484.83 Million RON

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IV.Section Orastie - Deva

Status: Open

Length: 32.5 km

Opening date: December 2012 for 14.8 km and June 2013 for the remaining 17.7 km

For this section contractors were selected in November 2010, and were Strabag and Straco. The cost of the section was 220 Million EUR. A section between Simeria and Deva (14.8 km) was opened in December 2012, with the remainder opened in May 2013.

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V.Section Deva - Lugoj

Status: Partially open (segment 1 and 15km of segment 2), partial cancellation of contract for segment 2, the rest under construction

Length: 99.5 km

Opening date: December 2013 for 17 km of segment 1; the remainder of segment 1 in December 2015; 15km of segment 2 in Mar 2017; the remainder of segment 2 in 2020, segments 3 and 4 in 2018

The section is split into four segments. 17km of section 1 were opened in December 2013 (between Traian Vuia and Balint); the remaining 10km of this section were opened to traffic in December 2015 (between Balint and Sanovita):

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VI.Section Lugoj - Timisoara

Status: Open

Length: 35.1 km

Opening date: Segment 1 opened in October 2012, Segment 2 opened in December 2015

The section is split into two segments:
  • Segment 1 Izvin - Giarmata (Timisoara bypass), 9.5 km: Contractors: Spedition UMB, Tehnostade and Carena SpA Impresa di Costruzioni, Cost: 210.36 Million RON
  • Segment 2 Sanovita - Izvin, 25.6 km. Contractors: Tirrena Scavi and Societa Italiana per Condotte D'Acqua. Cost: 94.7 Million EUR. (excluding VAT)
Section 1 was opened in October 2012, while section 2 was opened in December 2015.

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VII.Section Timisoara - Arad

Status: Open

Length: 32.3 km + 12.3 km (Arad Bypass)

Opening date: Dec 2011

Contractors Astaldi and FCC Construccion were selected in 2009. Cost: 194 Million EUR.

Timisoara-Arad section was opened for traffic in December 2011.

The Arad bypass motorway has a length of 12.3 km; 11.3 km (two lanes only) and 1 km (four lanes) were opened in December 2011, with full completion achieved in June 2012. Contractors: FCC and Porr, Cost: 117 Million EUR.

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VIII.Section Arad - Nadlac

Status: Open

Length: 38.9 km

Opening date: Segment 1 and 6km of segment 2 opened in December 2014, July 2015 for the remainder

The section is split into two segments, and contractors were selected in April 2011:
  • Segment 1 Pecica - Nadlac, 22.2 km: Contractors: Astaldi and Max Boegla selected in August 2013 after cancellation of contract awarded in July 2011 to Romstrade, Monteadriano Engenharia e Construcao and Donep Construct. Cost: 248.4 Million RON
  • Segment 2 Arad - Pecica, 16.7 km: Contractors: Astaldi SpA - Max Boegl Romania SRL, contract signed in September 2014 following cancellation of initial contract due to bankruptcy of contractor Alpine. Cost: 89,348,287.63 RON without VAT.

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