A3 Motorway Bucharest - Bors (Transylvania Motorway)


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A3 Motorway Bucharest - Bors

Length: 603 km. Status:

Color map: Open (18%); under construction (14%); planned (68%).

The A3 Motorway, also called the Transylvania Motorway, connects Bucharest with the border with Hungary at Bors. Two sections of the motorway are open: Bucharest - Ploiesti (with the exception of 6.5 km still under construction) and Campia Turzii - Gilau.

For detailed information please choose a section from the list below:

I.Bucharest - PloiestiPartially open, remainder under constructionJul 2012; Aug 2018
II.Ploiesti - BrasovPartially under contruction2019
III.Brasov - Tg. MuresPlannedn/a
IV.Tg. Mures - GilauPartially open2009, 2010, 2018, 2019
V.Gilau - BorsPartially under construction2018

I.Section Bucharest - Ploiesti

Status: Partially open, remainder under construction

Length: 62 km

Opening date: July 2012 for 55.5 km (Bucharest Ringroad - Ploiest). 6.5km to be opened in October 2018. For the final 3.3km (out of 6.5) the selected contractor is the Aktor-Euroconstruct consortium, price: 129.2 Million RON.

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II.Section Ploiesti - Brasov

Status: Rasnov - Cristian under development; the remainder is planned

Length: 106.6 km

Opening date: 2019 for Rasnov - Cristian

The section is split into two segments: Ploiesti - Comarnic with a length of 48.6 km and Comarnic - Brasov with a length of 58.0 km. The contract for section Rasnov - Cristian (6.3km) was awarded to the consortium of Alpenside SRL - Specialist Consulting SRL in October 2017, duration: 24 months, cost: 118 Million RON (including 3.7km of access road).

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III.Section Brasov - Tg. Mures

Status: Planned

Length: 161 km

The section is split into three segments: Segment 1A Brasov (Cristian) - Fagaras with a length of 53 km, Segment 1B Fagaras - Sighisoara, 52 km, and Segment 1C Sighisoara - Tg. Mures (Ogra), 56 km. There are no contractors selected for any of these segments, after the Bechtel contract was cancelled.

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IV.Tg. Mures - Gilau

Status: Partially operational, remainder under construction/contracts due to be signed

Length: 108.5 km

Opening dates: 2009-2010 for Campia Turzii - Gilau, 2018 and 2019 for Targu Mures - Ogra - Campia Turzii

The section is split into two sections. Section 2A Targu Mures - Ogra - Campia Turzii, 56.5 km; contractors were selected for this segment, contracts are due to be signed soon:

  • Segment 1 Targu Mures - Ogra (Targu Mures - Ungheni), 4.5km (+4.7km access road). Contractor: Strabag SRL. Cost: 192 Million RON excluding VAT. Execution duration: 18 months. Contract to be signed.
  • Segment 2 Targu Mures - Ogra (Ungheni - Ogra), 10.1 km. Contractors: Strabag SRL and Straco Group SRL. Cost: 251.35 Million RON excluding VAT. Execution duration: 12 months. Contract signed in February 2015
  • Segment 1 Ogra - Campia Turzii (Ogra - Iernut), 3.6 km. Contractors: Geiger Transilvania SRL and Wilhelm Geiger GmbH & Co. KG. Cost: 69.17 Million RON excluding VAT. Execution duration: 12 months. Contract signed in February 2015
  • Segment 2 Ogra - Campia Turzii (Iernut - Cehtani), 17.9 km. Contractors: Astaldi, Max Boegl Romania, Astalrom and Consitrans. Cost: 437.63 Million RON excluding VAT. Execution duration: 16 months.
  • Segment 3 Ogra - Campia Turzii (Chetani - Campia Turzii), 15.7 km. Contractors: Straco Group SRL, Specialist Consulting SRL and Total Road SRL. Cost: 279.74 Million RON excluding VAT. Execution duration: 12 months. Contract signed in February 2015
Section 2B Campia Turzii - Gilau (Cluj-Napoca Vest), 52 km, is open (42 km opened in 2009, 10 km opened in 2010).

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V.Gilau - Bors

Status: Partially under construction

Opening dates: October 2018 for Gilau - Nadaselu, including access bridge

Length: 164 km

The section is split into three segments: 3A Gilau (Cluj-Napoca Vest) - Mihaiesti, 24 km, 3B Mihaiesti - Suplacu de Barcau, 76 km, and 3C Suplacu de Barcau - Bors, 64 km.

The stretch between Gilau and Nadaselu (8.7 km, part of section 3A) is finalized but requires completion of access bridge (expected in late 2018); contractor for this section: UMB Spedition-Tehnostrade in April 2013; cost: 258.2 Million RON + VAT. Access bridge: contract signed with Tirrena Scavi SpA; cost 25.6 million RON excluding VAT.

A tender is in progress for Suplacu de Barcau - Bors, which has three sections:
- Suplacu de Barcau - Chiribis (26km)
- Chiribis - Biharia (29km)
- Biharia - Bors (5km) Selina was selected as contractor for sections 2 and 3 with 360 and 130 million RON, respectively.

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