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A3 Motorway Bucharest - Bors

Length: 603 km. Status:

Color map: Open (18%); under construction (14%); planned (68%).

The A3 Motorway, also called the Transylvania Motorway, connects Bucharest with the border with Hungary at Bors. Two sections of the motorway are open: Bucharest - Ploiesti (with the exception of 6.5 km still under construction) and Campia Turzii - Gilau.

For detailed information please choose a section from the list below:

I.Bucharest - PloiestiPartially open, remainder under constructionJul 2012; Aug 2018
II.Ploiesti - BrasovPartially under contruction2019
III.Brasov - Tg. MuresPlannedn/a
IV.Tg. Mures - GilauPartially open2009, 2010, 2018, 2019
V.Gilau - BorsPartially under construction2018

I.Section Bucharest - Ploiesti

Status: Partially open, remainder under construction

Length: 62 km

Opening date: July 2012 for 55.5 km (Bucharest Ringroad - Ploiest). 6.5km to be opened in August 2018. For the final 3.3km (out of 6.5) the selected contractor is the Aktor-Euroconstruct consortium, price: 129.2 Million RON.

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II.Section Ploiesti - Brasov

Status: Rasnov - Cristian under development; the remainder is planned

Length: 106.6 km

Opening date: 2019 for Rasnov - Cristian

The section is split into two segments: Ploiesti - Comarnic with a length of 48.6 km and Comarnic - Brasov with a length of 58.0 km. The contract for section Rasnov - Cristian (6.3km) was awarded to the consortium of Alpenside SRL - Specialist Consulting SRL in October 2017, duration: 24 months, cost: 118 Million RON (including 3.7km of access road).

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III.Section Brasov - Tg. Mures

Status: Planned

Length: 161 km

The section is split into three segments: Segment 1A Brasov (Cristian) - Fagaras with a length of 53 km, Segment 1B Fagaras - Sighisoara, 52 km, and Segment 1C Sighisoara - Tg. Mures (Ogra), 56 km. There are no contractors selected for any of these segments, after the Bechtel contract was cancelled.

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IV.Tg. Mures - Gilau

Status: Partially operational, remainder under construction/contracts due to be signed

Length: 108.5 km

Opening dates: 2009-2010 for Campia Turzii - Gilau, 2018 and 2019 for Targu Mures - Ogra - Campia Turzii

The section is split into two sections. Section 2A Targu Mures - Ogra - Campia Turzii, 56.5 km; contractors were selected for this segment, contracts are due to be signed soon:

  • Segment 1 Targu Mures - Ogra (Targu Mures - Ungheni), 4.5km (+4.7km access road). Contractor: Strabag SRL. Cost: 192 Million RON excluding VAT. Execution duration: 18 months. Contract to be signed.
  • Segment 2 Targu Mures - Ogra (Ungheni - Ogra), 10.1 km. Contractors: Strabag SRL and Straco Group SRL. Cost: 251.35 Million RON excluding VAT. Execution duration: 12 months. Contract signed in February 2015
  • Segment 1 Ogra - Campia Turzii (Ogra - Iernut), 3.6 km. Contractors: Geiger Transilvania SRL and Wilhelm Geiger GmbH & Co. KG. Cost: 69.17 Million RON excluding VAT. Execution duration: 12 months. Contract signed in February 2015
  • Segment 2 Ogra - Campia Turzii (Iernut - Cehtani), 17.9 km. Contractors: Astaldi, Max Boegl Romania, Astalrom and Consitrans. Cost: 437.63 Million RON excluding VAT. Execution duration: 16 months.
  • Segment 3 Ogra - Campia Turzii (Chetani - Campia Turzii), 15.7 km. Contractors: Straco Group SRL, Specialist Consulting SRL and Total Road SRL. Cost: 279.74 Million RON excluding VAT. Execution duration: 12 months. Contract signed in February 2015
Section 2B Campia Turzii - Gilau (Cluj-Napoca Vest), 52 km, is open (42 km opened in 2009, 10 km opened in 2010).

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V.Gilau - Bors

Status: Partially under construction

Opening dates: 2018 for Gilau - Nadaselu, including access bridge

Length: 164 km

The section is split into three segments: 3A Gilau (Cluj-Napoca Vest) - Mihaiesti, 24 km, 3B Mihaiesti - Suplacu de Barcau, 76 km, and 3C Suplacu de Barcau - Bors, 64 km.

The stretch between Gilau and Nadaselu (8.7 km, part of section 3A) is finalized but requires completion of access bridge (expected in late 2018); contractor for this section: UMB Spedition-Tehnostrade in April 2013; cost: 258.2 Million RON + VAT. Access bridge: contract signed with Tirrena Scavi SpA; cost 25.6 million RON excluding VAT.

For the segment between Nadaselu and Mihaiesti (16.9km) the contract was signed in May 2016 with the consortium led by Impresa Construzioni Giuseppe Maltauro SpA, contract price 446,127,400.01 RON excluding VAT, opening date in April 2018. This contract was canceled in July 2017.

A tender is in progress for Suplacu de Barcau - Bors, which has three sections:
- Suplacu de Barcau - Chiribis (26km)
- Chiribis - Biharia (29km)
- Biharia - Bors (5km)

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